Webinars Scheduled

Trade / TopicTimeslotPresenterWebinar Info / LanguageAction
All Engineering Trade / SHAPER MACHINE ; Introduction, Parts ,Working ,Types, & Operationsa)09.00am to 10.00amAnil sachan, NSTI, Junior Instructor, NATIONAL SKILL TRAINING INSTITUTE (NSTI) Mumbai 914-1103-8070 / English & HindiParticipate
All trades / Modern Methods of Teaching a)09.00am to 10.00amKeenu Nayyar, Others, Training Officer, ITOT LALRU (Punjab) 973-1911-6057 / Hindi PunjabiParticipate
All trades / Motivation b)10.00am to 11.00amPriya Mahajan, ITI, Senior Instructor, Govt iti Ludhiana punjab 993-1718-6802 / Punjabi Participate
COPA, CSA / JavaScript – Control Statement & Loops with Codingb)10.00am to 11.00amD A GURUVULU, NSTI, Vocational instructor, NATIONAL SKILL TRAINING INSTITUTE (NSTI-W) Noida 925-5495-4025 / English, HindiParticipate
Sewing Technology ,SOT,DM and FDT / Casing and facingc)11.00am to 12.00pmManjinder kaur, ITI, Senior Instructor, Government ITI SC Fatehgarh Churian 964-6594-2511 / Punjab /EnglishParticipate
Electronics mechanic / computer / Electrician / Digital electronics / JK and Master slave flip flopsc)11.00am to 12.00pmPawan kumar, ITI, Craft Instructor, Govt. ITI Kalanaur ( Punjab ) 954-0948-4560 / English / Hindi / PunjabiParticipate
MRAC / BASIC COPPER TUBE PRACTICE c)11.00am to 12.00pmAHMED DIWAN and PARAMASIVAM, ITI, Assistant Training Officer, VEPPALODAI GOVT ITI 921-5396-6780 / TAMILParticipate
SMW / Operation of hydraulic power press and shearing Machinec)11.00am to 12.00pmA.KANNAN, ITI, Assistant Training Officer, Govt ITI Coimbatore 934-0304-7656 / TamilParticipate
Electronic Mecyhanics / Transistord)12.00pm to 01.00pmRUCHI RAI, NSTI, Vocational instructor, NATIONAL SKILL TRAINING INSTITUTE (NSTI-W) Mumbai 973-4539-8032 / Hindi and EnglishParticipate
CHNM & COPA / Computer Networkd)12.00pm to 01.00pmMehakdeep, ITI, Senior Instructor, Government ITI Women Gurdaspur 964-6319-8271 / Punjabi,Hindi, EnglishParticipate
Sewing Technology / Ladies Suitsd)12.00pm to 01.00pmUpasana Attri, ITI, Senior Instructor, GOVT. I.T.I.(W) Mohali 958-0091-3373 / English/PunjabiParticipate
Surveyor,DC Civil / Drone, LiDAR & GPS Survey Technologyd)12.00pm to 01.00pmMr.Manikandan, ITI, Industrial Trainer/Faculty, Gridline Surveys and Geospatial Pvt.Ltd 943-2746-9569 / Tamil,EnglishParticipate
Wireman / Full wave rectifiere)02.00pm to 03.00pmS.Balaraman, ITI, Junior Training Officer, GOVT ITI guindy Chennai 32 922-3146-1353 / Tamil, EnglishParticipate
Sewing Technology / Drafting of Fish Cut Petticoat and Saree blousee)02.00pm to 03.00pmVIBHA CHAUHAN, ITI, Senior Instructor, Government ITI Fatehgarh Churian 966-7291-6503 / English/PunjabiParticipate
Fitter / PIPE AND PIPE FITTINGe)02.00pm to 03.00pmBalraj Singh, ITI, Vocational instructor, MEHRCHAND INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE JALANDHAR 935-1409-6289 / punjabi, hindiParticipate
Fashion design /technology / Selection of dresses according to age, climate, occasional etc. f)03.00pm to 04.00pmSavita, ITI, Senior Instructor, G.I.G.T HALL GATE AMIRTSAR 911-7204-9302 / Punjabi Participate
Electrician/ wirman/ Electronic Mechanic / Module 7: Transformer Transformer - Principle - Classification - EMF Equationase transformermer f)03.00pm to 04.00pmMANOJ SINGH, NSTI, NSTI Contract/Guest Faculty, NATIONAL SKILL TRAINING INSTITUTE (NSTI-W) Allahabad 981-3357-4555 / English and HindiParticipate
Fitter / Measurement Units: Metric System and British system f)03.00pm to 04.00pmLAKHWINDER SINGH, ITI, Craft Instructor, Government Industrial Training Centre, Phagwara, Punjab 985-0189-9905 / PunjabiParticipate
DMCITS/ Apparel sector / FABRIC DIRECTIONS & PRINTS Part-2f)03.00pm to 04.00pmPARINITA R. UKE, NSTI, Training Officer, NATIONAL SKILL TRAINING INSTITUTE (NSTI-W) Mumbai 935-7186-5527 / HINDI/ENGLISHParticipate
COPA / CSA / IBM / JavaScript - Dynamic Website hosting and FTPf)03.00pm to 04.00pmJyoti Bhandari, NSTI, Vocational instructor, NATIONAL SKILL TRAINING INSTITUTE (NSTI-W) Mumbai 938-4666-5070 / Hindi / EnglishParticipate
DTPO / SOFTWARE INSTALLATION f)03.00pm to 04.00pmSURENDAR, ITI, Junior Training Officer, SMRV GOVERNMENT ITI(W),NAGERCOIL 996-5005-0958 / Tamil Participate
General / Covid-19 Standard operating procedure for ITIsf)03.00pm to 04.00pmMr.Rajakarthikeyan, Industry, Industrial Trainer/Faculty, Maruti Suzuki India Limited 983-4142-8797 / Tamil,EnglishParticipate
Architecture / Estimation (Units of measurement)g)04.00pm to 05.00pmArchana Kumari, NSTI, Vocational instructor, NATIONAL SKILL TRAINING INSTITUTE (NSTI) Mumbai 933-4830-8063 / Hindi/EnglishParticipate
ELECTRONICS MECHANIC / ENCODER , DECODER AND ITS APPLICATIONg)04.00pm to 05.00pmKRISHNARAJ E, ITI, Junior Training Officer, GOVERNMENT ITI HOSUR 920-2489-1831 / Tamil and EnglishParticipate
DM,FDT&ST (CTS) / Mass Production Process (Part -IV)h)05.00pm to 06.00pmSmt. Aparna Chanda, NSTI, Vocational instructor, NATIONAL SKILL TRAINING INSTITUTE (NSTI-W) Tura 978-1982-4662 / Hindi and EnglishParticipate
FASHION DESIGN TECHNOLOGY, DRESS MAKING / Rendering Fabric part 6 plaids -Burberry h)05.00pm to 06.00pmDr. Vandana Jarolia, NSTI, Training Officer, NATIONAL SKILL TRAINING INSTITUTE (NSTI-W) Indore 975-3129-5591 / Hindi and English Participate