Sl.No.InstituteTradeTotal SeatsAdmittedVacancy
1Bhopal IToT (Govt. of Madhya Pradesh)Electrician1001000
2Govt IToT Malavalli (Karnataka)Reading of Drawing and Arithmetic - RODA50446
3NSTI LudhianaComputer Software Application25250
4NSTI LudhianaElectrician75750
5NSTI LudhianaFitter50500
6NSTI LudhianaMechanic Agricultural Machinery25916
7NSTI LudhianaMachinist and operator. Adv. Machine Tool50500
8NSTI LudhianaMechanic Diesel25250
9NSTI LudhianaMotor Mechanic Vehicle75732
10NSTI LudhianaMechanic Tractor50500
11NSTI LudhianaTurner25250
12NSTI LudhianaWelder50455
13Lucknow IToT (Govt. of Uttar Pradesh)Electrician1001000
14NSTI MumbaiComputer Software Application1001000
15NSTI MumbaiDraughtsman Mechanical504010
16NSTI MumbaiElectrician1001000
17NSTI MumbaiElectronics Mechanic50464
18NSTI MumbaiFitter1501500
19NSTI MumbaiInstrument Mechanic503119
20NSTI MumbaiMachinist and operator. Adv. Machine Tool75705
21NSTI MumbaiMotor Mechanic Vehicle50482
22NSTI MumbaiTurner50464
23NSTI MumbaiWelder50500
24Lucknow IToT (Govt. of Uttar Pradesh)Fitter1001000
25NSTI-R HyderabadComputer Hardware and Networking Maintenance50500
26NSTI-R HyderabadComputer Software Application50500
27NSTI-R HyderabadElectronics Mechanic75750
28NSTI (W) AllahabadCatering & Hospitality501040
29NSTI (W) AllahabadComputer Software Application25250
30NSTI (W) AllahabadCosmetology75750
31NSTI (W) AllahabadDress Making75750
32NSTI (W) AllahabadElectronics Mechanic50500
33NSTI (W) AllahabadFashion Design Technology25250
34NSTI (W) AllahabadOffice Management25241
35Lucknow IToT (Govt. of Uttar Pradesh)Mechanic Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning1001000
36NSTI (W) BangaloreComputer Software Application25241
37NSTI (W) BangaloreDesk Top Publishing Operator25025
38NSTI (W) BangaloreFashion Design Technology25241
39NSTI (W) BangaloreElectronics Mechanic25214
40NSTI (W) BangaloreOffice Management25178
41NSTI (W) IndoreComputer Software Application25250
42NSTI (W) IndoreDress Making50446
43NSTI (W) IndoreFashion Design Technology25250
44NSTI (W) IndoreArchitectural Draughtsman25223
45NSTI (W) IndoreCosmetology25250
46Lucknow IToT (Govt. of Uttar Pradesh)Sewing Technology50500
47NSTI (W) JaipurArchitectural Draughtsman25817
48NSTI (W) JaipurComputer Software Application25250
49NSTI (W) JaipurCosmetology75750
50NSTI (W) JaipurDress Making75705
51NSTI (W) JaipurFashion Design Technology25250
52NSTI (W) JaipurOffice Management25250
53NSTI (W) JaipurSecretarial Practice (Hindi)50500
54NSTI (W) KolkataArchitectural Draughtsman25223
55NSTI (W) KolkataComputer Software Application25250
56NSTI (W) KolkataCosmetology50500
57Lucknow IToT (Govt. of Uttar Pradesh)Computer Software Application50500
58NSTI (W) KolkataDress Making25205
59NSTI (W) KolkataFashion Design Technology25250
60NSTI (W) MumbaiArchitectural Draughtsman25223
61NSTI (W) MumbaiDress Making503911
62NSTI (W) NoidaArchitectural Draughtsman251114
63NSTI (W) NoidaComputer Software Application25250
64NSTI (W) NoidaCosmetology50500
65NSTI (W) NoidaDesk Top Publishing Operator251015
66NSTI (W) NoidaDress Making50500
67NSTI (W) NoidaElectronics Mechanic25241
68Lucknow IToT (Govt. of Uttar Pradesh)Cosmetology50500
69NSTI (W) NoidaFashion Design Technology50500
70NSTI (W) NoidaOffice Management25241
71NSTI (W) NoidaSewing Technology50500
72NSTI (W) NoidaSurface Ornamentation Technique50446
73NSTI (W) PanipatCosmetology50500
74NSTI (W) PanipatDress Making25250
75NSTI (W) PanipatSewing Technology25250
76NSTI (W) PanipatSurface Ornamentation Technique25223
77NSTI (W) PatnaElectronics Mechanic25250
78NSTI (W) RajpuraCosmetology50500
79Rohtak IToT (Govt. of Haryana)Fitter1001000
80NSTI (W) RajpuraFashion Design Technology50500
81NSTI (W) ShimlaDraughtsman Civil50500
82NSTI (W) ShimlaFashion Design Technology25250
83NSTI (W) TrivandrumArchitectural Draughtsman25619
84NSTI (W) TrivandrumComputer Software Application25241
85NSTI (W) TrivandrumDress Making25178
86NSTI (W) TuraComputer Software Application25214
87NSTI (W) TuraDress Making25178
88NSTI (W) TuraSewing Technology25196
89NSTI (W) TrichyDesk Top Publishing Operator25025
90Rohtak IToT (Govt. of Haryana)Motor Mechanic Vehicle1007426
91NSTI (W) TrichyElectronics Mechanic25619
92NSTI (W) TrichyFashion Design Technology25187
93NSTI (W) VadodraComputer Software Application25232
94NSTI (W) VadodraCosmetology25250
95NSTI (W) VadodraDress Making25232
96NSTI (W) VadodraElectronics Mechanic25241
97NSTI (W) VadodraFashion Design Technology25250
98NSTI (W) VadodraOffice Management25169
99NSTI (W) JammuComputer Software Application25250
100NSTI Chennai Ext. Centre PuducherryComputer Software Application25214
101Rohtak IToT (Govt. of Haryana)Turner1007426
102Bagar Pvt. IToT, JhunjhunaFitter806317
103Bagar Pvt. IToT, JhunjhunaElectrician80800
104Centurion Pvt. ITOT, JatniElectrician805525
105Centurion Pvt. ITOT, JatniFitter804040
106Centurion Pvt. ITOT, JatniMotor Mechanic Vehicle80971
107Jain Pvt. IToT, FazilkaElectrician804832
108Jain Pvt. IToT, FazilkaFitter801466
109Jain Pvt. IToT, FazilkaMechanic Diesel402020
110Jain Pvt. IToT, FazilkaSewing Technology402911
111Jain Pvt. IToT, FazilkaWelder40634
112Bhopal IToT (Govt. of Madhya Pradesh)Fitter100937
113NSTI -V HyderabadElectrician1001000
114Jain Pvt. IToT, FazilkaComputer Software Application402713
115Khattuji Pvt. IToT, FazilkaElectrician805624
116Khattuji Pvt. IToT, FazilkaFitter804634
117Khattuji Pvt. IToT, FazilkaWelder802060
118Modern Pvt. IToT, KangraElectrician802456
119S. Gita Ram Pvt. IToT,MatlodaElectrician803644
120Saraswati Pvt. IToT, BhatindaElectrician80764
121Saraswati Pvt. IToT, BhatindaMechanic Diesel805921
122SBS Pvt. IToT, Kalanwali, SirsaElectrician1607882
123SBS Pvt. IToT, Kalanwali, SirsaFitter803644
124NSTI -V HyderabadFitter1001000
125SBS Pvt. IToT, Kalanwali, SirsaSewing Technology40400
126SBS Pvt. IToT, Kalanwali, SirsaPainter General40040
127SBS Pvt. IToT, Kalanwali, SirsaDraughtsman Civil40346
128SBS Pvt. IToT, Kalanwali, SirsaComputer Software Application40400
129SDM Pvt. ITOT, HissarElectrician806911
130SDM Pvt. ITOT, HissarFitter802852
131SDM Pvt. ITOT, HissarWelder801466
132Shivalik Pvt. IToT, PatialaElectrician804238
133Shivalik Pvt. IToT, PatialaFitter804238
134Shivalik Pvt. IToT, PatialaPlumber804931
135NSTI -V HyderabadMachinist and operator. Adv. Machine Tool25250
136Shivalik Pvt. IToT, PatialaWelder80674
137SR Pvt. IToT, AmbalaCarpenter801466
138SR Pvt. IToT, AmbalaElectrician804535
139SR Pvt. IToT, AmbalaFitter802555
140SR Pvt. IToT, AmbalaMechanic Diesel803149
141SR Pvt. IToT, AmbalaPlumber803545
142SR Pvt. IToT, AmbalaWelder801169
143Syadwad Pvt. IToT, BaghpatElectrician805327
144Syadwad Pvt. IToT, BaghpatFitter802258
145NSTI -V HyderabadMotor Mechanic Vehicle25232
146NSTI -V HyderabadTurner25223
147NSTI -V HyderabadWelder50464
148NSTI 1 BengaluruComputer Software Application50473
149NSTI 1 BengaluruElectrician50500
150NSTI 1 BengaluruElectronics Mechanic50473
151NSTI 1 BengaluruFitter50455
152Bhopal IToT (Govt. of Madhya Pradesh)Welder1007822
153NSTI 1 BengaluruMachinist and operator. Adv. Machine Tool25205
154NSTI 1 BengaluruTurner25214
155NSTI 1 BengaluruWelder756510
156NSTI BhubaneshwarElectrician25250
157NSTI BhubaneshwarFitter50500
158NSTI BhubaneshwarWelder25205
159NSTI CalicutElectrician25205
160NSTI CalicutMechanic Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning1008911
161NSTI CalicutReading of Drawing and Arithmetic - RODA100496
162NSTI CalicutWelder25214
163BijuPattnaik ITOT, Talcher (Govt. of Odisha)Electrician50446
164NSTI CalicutElectronics Mechanic25196
165NSTI ChennaiCarpenter1004456
166NSTI ChennaiComputer Software Application50491
167NSTI ChennaiDraughtsman Civil100982
168NSTI ChennaiDraughtsman Mechanical25178
169NSTI ChennaiElectrician1501491
170NSTI ChennaiElectronics Mechanic25250
171NSTI ChennaiFitter100955
172NSTI ChennaiMachinist and operator. Adv. Machine Tool25196
173NSTI ChennaiMechanic Diesel50491
174BijuPattnaik ITOT, Talcher (Govt. of Odisha)Electronics Mechanic503911
175NSTI ChennaiMotor Mechanic Vehicle503911
176NSTI ChennaiPlumber1008416
177NSTI ChennaiReading of Drawing and Arithmetic - RODA501040
178NSTI ChennaiSewing Technology100937
179NSTI ChennaiTool and Die Maker25241
180NSTI ChennaiTurner25223
181NSTI ChennaiWelder75678
182NSTI DehradunComputer Hardware and Networking Maintenance50491
183NSTI DehradunComputer Software Application1001000
184NSTI DehradunElectrician1001000
185BijuPattnaik ITOT, Talcher (Govt. of Odisha)Fitter503812
186NSTI DehradunElectronics Mechanic50500
187NSTI HaldwaniDraughtsman Mechanical50473
188NSTI HaldwaniFitter1001000
189NSTI HaldwaniMachinist and operator. Adv. Machine Tool50491
190NSTI HaldwaniReading of Drawing and Arithmetic - RODA503119
191NSTI HaldwaniTurner50500
192NSTI HowrahCarpenter25187
193NSTI HowrahComputer Software Application25241
194NSTI HowrahDraughtsman Civil1001000
195NSTI HowrahDraughtsman Mechanical1006040
196Davangare IToT (Govt. of Karnataka)Electrician504010
197NSTI HowrahElectrician50500
198NSTI HowrahFitter1001000
199NSTI HowrahFoundryman50500
200NSTI HowrahInstrument Mechanic251213
201NSTI HowrahMachinist and operator. Adv. Machine Tool50500
202NSTI HowrahMachinist Grinder25232
203NSTI HowrahMechanic Machine Tool Maintenance251411
204NSTI HowrahMotor Mechanic Vehicle50464
205NSTI HowrahReading of Drawing and Arithmetic - RODA502624
206NSTI HowrahSheet Metal Worker25169
207Davangare IToT (Govt. of Karnataka)Electronics Mechanic503614
208NSTI HowrahTurner50500
209NSTI HowrahWelder50473
210NSTI HowrahMechanic Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning25250
211NSTI JamshedpurFitter50500
212NSTI JodhpurComputer Software Application25250
213NSTI JodhpurElectrician50500
214NSTI JodhpurFitter50500
215NSTI JodhpurMechanic Diesel50500
216NSTI JodhpurMotor Mechanic Vehicle50464
217NSTI JodhpurWelder50491
218Davangare IToT (Govt. of Karnataka)Fitter502525
219NSTI KanpurComputer Software Application50500
220NSTI KanpurDress Making50500
221NSTI KanpurElectrician1001000
222NSTI KanpurElectronics Mechanic50500
223NSTI KanpurFitter1001000
224NSTI KanpurMachinist and operator. Adv. Machine Tool50500
225NSTI KanpurMotor Mechanic Vehicle50500
226NSTI KanpurSewing Technology1001000
227NSTI KanpurTurner75750
228NSTI KanpurWelder75750
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